Serenity Risvik – Herbalist & Sound Therapist 


Having been born and raised in New Mexico, now residing in Arizona, I call the southwest my home. My continued studies in plant medicine, holistic health, and sound therapy have led me to experience the pleasure of working with many world-renowned herbalists. I encourage individuals to recognize the whole person: physical, mental, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual. 

I believe in the power of food, love, energy, & laughter! I strive to grow every day mentally, spiritually, & physically. I constantly become the better version of myself. I am very different from who I was a decade ago! We are always growing. I create a safe environment to let go of ego and release what no longer serves the best version of yourself. 

Love & gratitude



Serenity and Chad create a dynamic, transformative environment. Layered textures of the voice, guitar, crystal bowls, gongs, and more. Connect with your intentions, both for yourself and for the world. Open your heart to gratitude and unbounded love. Designed to bring you into a deeper relationship with yourself and plant seeds of change.

Sound is the substance of creation. In this series, we dive into the vibration and experience sound’s effects, how it shapes our surroundings and consciousness, and how we can use it as a healing tool.

Give the weight of the body up while guided through light breath work, meditation, and a beautiful sound ceremony. Let go of ego while we move blocked energy in the body. Feel safe, loved, and honored while we pay attention to how our bodies feel, focusing on releasing what no longer serves the best version of ourselves. You are strong, beautiful, and powerful. Time to feed your self-care because you deserve nothing less. Leave with your head high, heart soft, power, and a stone bracelet as a parting gift.

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