Madison Miller Yoga Teacher RYT 200


We are each on a journey of discovering ourselves. Yoga is one modality to get there.

Yoga is truly a passion of mine and a way of life. Always smiling, seeing the silver lining, and ready to learn, I radiate a positive energy of abundance that feels like you’re meeting a kindred soul.

My teaching style is best described as soft and flowy, but challenging. I will guide you through a variety of asanas meant to stir up stuck energy and provide pathways of release by using your breath to feel into your body, deepening your sense of body awareness and transmutable energy.

A passionate practitioner of almost a decade, I’ve practiced in virtually every style, but found a deep love for Astanga and general vinyasa. Always interested in becoming a yoga teacher, I pioneered a wellness program at my corporate job, which gave me the moral support and confidence to pursue yoga teacher training at Authentic Yoga Teacher Training, where I graduated with my YTT200 in 2022.

Along with deepening my love for yoga over the years, I’ve found clarity through a variety of meditation styles, breath work, and sound healing. And I’m constantly exploring new paths to self-actualization and enlightenment. In addition to yoga and yogic philosophies, I am passionate about writing, reading, esoteric studies, deep discussions on the meaning of the universe, hiking, paddle boarding, exploring the outdoors, fashion, and trying new things.