Lindsey Hoffman, 200 RYT | Yoga Nidra


It is an honor to be a part of Journey Beyond A Holistic Center.
I have been teaching yoga for over ten years, primarily guiding clients with addictions and mental illness through yoga and meditation.
I share much empathy with these individuals because of my own shared experience of childhood trauma and addiction.
Before discovering yoga and meditation through my journey, I experienced debilitating depression and anxiety. I was resistant for many years to listen to the advice of medical professionals to try yoga to help ease and eliminate my unsettled, nervous system.
In 2006, I began yoga in a treatment center and fell in awe of how I felt afterward. My anxiety disappeared, and I felt alive and invigorated for the first time in years.
I vowed to continue along the yogic and meditative path and become a teacher myself- so I could pay it forward and educate people and help guide them through their journey.
I have recently embarked on a new journey to learn more and become certified in trauma-informed yoga and 12 step yoga. I look forward to this journey and will create space to heal and find your spirituality through yoga and meditation.

Thank you.