Jenn Tarrant, Yoga Therapist, C-IAYT Holistic Coach | Yoga Teacher, ERYT500


Hi! My name is Jenn Tarrant, and I am delighted to be a part of the team at Journey Beyond A Holistic Center. I have been studying and practicing yoga for many years now and love how it has helped me navigate challenging life experiences. One of the most powerful lessons I learned pretty early on is how important breath is. When I first started, I was a breath-holder. You know, any time there was a challenging pose, or I was concentrating hard, I would hold my breath until it was over!

My teacher gently encouraged me to breathe when things were hard, and within just a few weeks, I realized that I wasn’t holding my breath in day-to-day challenges anymore either! I was breathing more in-depth and more entirely, notably when life was being extra tricky. At that point, I was a believer! One of my greatest joys is sharing benefits like these with other people. I believe that breath the most simple practice that makes the most significant difference in our daily experiences.

My classes are practical, and the poses and techniques we use can efficiently be done at home or even at work in many cases. I work hard to empower you to know how and why certain poses are effective for desired outcomes. That way, when you’re out living your life, and you need some support, you know what to do and how to do it! My emphasis on simple yet powerful poses and sequences keeps the focus on you, so you can reap the benefits without worrying about complicated postures.

My students and clients often share with me that they can sleep so much better on yoga days, and many notice that habits like nail-biting start to fade away as a result of our classes together! I have had students find relief from years-long worries and even feel a profound release from past hurtful or traumatic experiences. Yoga has the potential to reduce stress in your mind and body and help you feel grounded, centered, and relaxed. I would love for you to join me for a class sometime soon.