Frances Graham – Sound Healer & Qigong Instructor


I am a Qigong Instructor and Sound Healer. I started my Qigong practice 6 years ago. After changing my diet and practicing Qigong, I have been in remission from four serious autoimmune diseases. Seventy percent of our vital life energy, our Qi (Chi), is the food and nutrition we intake, and thirty percent is our breathing.

I worked with many Qigong masters through the years to heal myself and eventually support others in their healing journey. I have completed my training in Qigong programs related to meditation, self-mastery, and Zen yoga. Recently, I have been teaching Qigong classes for two and a half years in Mesa, AZ. I’ve had the pleasure of managing a specialized Medical Qigong Program for private clients for the last year, both virtual and in person.

I am beyond excited to work with others in their quest to align their mind, body, and spirit. I also offer tuning fork sessions where I use 72 different forks with several musical sound notes and frequencies to work on an individual’s human biofield or electromagnetic field. I use the tuning forks to “tune-up” your physical, emotional, spiritual, energetic, and spiritual bodies. Chakra balancing targeted health improvements and several health ailments can be fine-tuned with this relaxing and science-backed modality.