Cecilia Popchock Mind & Body Wellness Practitioner | Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist | Auriculotherapy


After receiving my Bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University, I continued my education in the holistic field. Although, before continuing my holistic education, I spent years working in corporate culture, suffered life-changing events, and craved something more out of my life.

I earned my MindBody Wellness Practitioner Diploma through The Southwest Institute of the Healing Arts located in Tempe, Arizona, with a concentration in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Reflexology. I then passed the state exam through the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (A.C.H.E.) and became a Certifed Hypnotherapist.

I find that Hypnotherapy works for me, and I want to share that healing experience with you. I believe healing is possible, and my clients always leave me feeling proud of their work after our sessions together. It’s an honor for me to guide them through their diverse healing journeys.

I look forward to meeting you here at Journey Beyond A Holistic Center in Scottsdale, Arizona.