Joette Maslyk

Hello! I am very excited to begin offering Yoga Groups through Journey Beyond A Holistic Center! Allow me to introduce myself by sharing with you my healing story.

Due to a severe knee injury, my doctors told me that I needed physical exercise to maintain my knee strength and agility. That is how I discovered Yoga over 20 years ago! Each Yoga class I attended kept me coming back for more. I left each class with energy, a clear mind, and feeling grounded. Yoga has done wonders for my knee. With each passing year, I dive deeper and deeper into my Yoga practice and realize that my energy, mind, body, emotion, and spirit benefit through my practice. During my healing journey, I became a certified Yoga Instructor, and I now share my gift of Yoga with all of my students. Yoga is far more than my passion; Yoga is my life.

Feel the powerful effect yoga has to offer through my weekly group. Namaste.

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