Jes Tehan

I have enjoyed instructing yoga since 2013 and began my career in NYC. Early on in my career, I began working with specialized populations including the incarcerated, veterans and those working with other traumas or struggles. Over the years I have continued to hone these skills and have focused on aiding clients in their search to be at home in their own bodies and lives.

Falling in with the flow of the world and exploring our highest potential is a noble goal and an excellent direction, but somehow elusive for many of us. I work to hold the space that allows each individual to feel safe, supported and honored so that they can tap into their own innate healing, creativity, and joyfulness. No matter which form of individualized work you’re interested in exploring – we’ll work together to help you transition from a space of creative engagement in everyday life. Allowing you to step from getting by to flourishing.

Thai Bodywork
Sound Healing
Yoga Nidra (and other forms of meditation)
Pranayama (breath work)
Somatic Rest (body awareness w/ restorative yoga and rest)
Yoga Asana (Flow, Yin, Restorative, and any mix of these)
Nervous System Alignment

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