Cyndee Rae Lutz

I offer individual & private group training based upon needs. I connect people with their worth & power through customized training that includes Himalayan Breathwork/Kriyas, Light Yoga Poses, Meditation, and Shifts in Perspective.

I discovered yoga during several tragic life events. My first teacher training in 2008 was literally to save myself from going crazy. Yoga transformed my fragile state, calmed my fear-based thinking, and created some stability for me. I teach from that experience.

Additional teacher training in India introduced me to Kriyas (movement & breathwork). They work quickly to slow down the negative mind chatter, beg you to “think bigger,” and provide the grit necessary to persevere when life gets messy. Expect to learn correct Yoga alignment, experience a shift in perspective, and feel supported in my all-level classes.

My work includes authoring the book “When Your Heart Belongs to an Addict – A Healing Perspective,” publishing a successful Denver divorce magazine, Wellness Training for Corporate 500 companies, Denver Police Officers, a University Softball Team, running a corporate yoga program, private instruction and much more.

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