One-on-One Sessions with Michele Meyer

You will work with me directly as we dive deep into your healing journey using my holistic techniques. These personal sessions allow you an individual experience to communicate openly and understand yourself and how trauma is still affecting your life. One-hour and thirty minutes, includes Craniosacral work.

Education Series with Michele Meyer

I design a curriculum to teach why you think, feel, and exist the way you do. Your understanding of brain development in childhood and complex PTSD will allow you to recognize your current patterns, discover the layers of your reactions, and learn about who you are. The Education Series includes Inner Child, Trauma and the 12-Steps, Chakra Development, Codependency, and Trauma Responses. I also hold many workshops throughout the year on various topics.

Holistic Intensives with Michele Meyer

Along with my partners, I offer a variety of modalities that work in harmony for your healing. My Holistic Intensives provide at minimum, 2-weeks of daily, multiple, one-on-one sessions tailored to your specific needs. These will be a combination of individual and group healing experiences with myself and our caring and skilled practitioners.

Groups with Michele Meyer

I lead and facilitate groups specifically designed for my current clients to find a place to connect and share their healing experiences.